TaashTime – How to rummy? – Post 3

25 Oct

1.4 What is Drop & Middle drop? When are they done? How to decide?

In a rummy game a player is not expected to play all the games, if he decides that the game is not worth playing then he doesn’t need to play.

Deciding not to play can be communicated to all the other players by saying DROP. 

If the player decides not to play at the starting of the game, he could then declare that he is not willing to play, when he gets his turn to play. Then it is called Drop 

But for any reason he felt that he could play the game and anticipates that he would get the cards required, but after playing certain rounds of game he feels that he is not interested to continue in the game and declares the same to other players when his turn comes. – Middle Drop. has provided a DROP button, by using which any player can declare his disinterest and discontinue in the game. Whenever a person wants to declare weather in the starting of the game (Drop) or in the middle of the game (Middle Drop) he could use this button.

This drop button would be next to player in and it will be highlighted during his turn.

In when a player presses the DROP button he is alerted and asked if he really wants to drop so that he can confirm his decision.

How do you decide to drop?

At the starting of the game after receiving the cards and sorting of the cards if one doesn’t receive

  1. Sequence
  2. Jokers
  3. Connecting cards

In the above shown picture, the player has a joker but doesn’t have any sequence and also has all big cards hence better drop.

10 is the open joker in the above game, hence the player has 2 jokers with him to play but he doesn’t have a sequence and all the other cards are big cards hence better drop.

This decision varies for different types of games in rummy and number of players playing the game.

  1. Syndicate – Pool game
  2. Ladder – Pool game
  3. Money Per Point – Single games

If a player is playing a syndicate game and two players are playing then it is required that he gets

  • Sequence, connecting cards to make sets, Joker (one min.) and doesn’t have many big point cards (10, J, Q, K, A) as waste cards to continue in the game else he better DROP

If a player is playing a syndicate game against 5 or 6 opponents in the game, he should drop only if

  • He doesn’t have any connecting cards and they are all big point cards

He could play if there is no sequence and joker as well in such condition, as the cards would have got distributed between all the other players and probability of any player winning in few rounds is very low.

But, in such condition player is expected to keep an eye on the discards and check if the cards required by him for making sequence or other sets are not thrown by other players.  Player needs to watch such games closely and take a decision of declaring a Middle Drop after watching the game for few rounds.

Before Middle Drop, player need to count the points in his sets if it is less than the score obtained by doing middle drop, then he/she can continue playing, but otherwise he is expected to Middle drop.

In the below picture you can observe that the player had a chance to Middle drop, but by not doing the same he has ended giving a big score which is more than score what the player would have got by declaring a middle drop.

Here the player has assumed that he would get the card required to make second sequence.

  1. But, as he hasn’t got the same in time and keeping a set with all the big cards landed him in a situation where is has to give a score more than middle drop score.
  2. 9 is the joker in the above scenario and to make a second sequence player requires 9 or Q of clubs or spades. Which is leaving him with a probability of only 2 cards which is a dangerous situation to be in
  3. Also the player did not have any Joker which leaves him in a full count situation and he should have dropped in the middle.

Either he should have middle dropped or he should have discarded the big cards and made alternate set for second sequence.



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